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Check out my art owrk and let me know what you think :)


I don't got a lot of faves.What you see here is what I think is worth it.



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United States
Konichiwa. Watashi wa Izeila desu.
Hello, I'm IZ. I am a 26 year old woman. I am an artist, as you can see. I am a college student at Pasadena City Colelge. My major is digital Media. I took a class in college for Japaese, so yes I speak a little lol.I live in L.A. I like meeting new people, and animals. I am working on a few comic projects called Chronicles of the Dragon Guild, The Nightmare Box, and Adelais a.k.a Alice.

I am born the year of the dragon.
Occupying the 5th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon is the mightiest of the signs. Dragons symbolize such character traits as dominance and ambition. Dragons prefer to live by their own rules and if left on their own, are usually successful. They’re driven, unafraid of challenges, and willing to take risks. They’re passionate in all they do and they do things in grand fashion. Unfortunately, this passion and enthusiasm can leave Dragons feeling exhausted and interestingly, unfulfilled.

While Dragons frequently help others, rarely will they ask for help. Others are attracted to Dragons, especially their colorful personalities, but deep down, Dragons prefer to be alone. Perhaps that is because they’re most successful when working alone. Their preference to be alone can come across as arrogance or conceitedness, but these qualities aren’t applicable. Dragons have tempers that can flare fast!

Current Residence: Los Angeles
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Metal/classicle
Favourite photographer: Nigel Barker
Favourite style of art: Anime
Skin of choice: mines? lol
Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Moon
Personal Quote: I am your fucking Nightmare!
I would like to share a moment in time. The reason for my alternative/Goth style, my music taste, my art,my career choice, my perception of life, was all due to just one band called My Chemical Romance. Sure it might sound silly like some obsessed fan girl who is in love with the lead singer, who buys ever single merch from the band, but that is far from me. Before I discovered the band, I was a typical over weight Anime nerd who listened to pop and Disney music. I was anti social and insecure. I had long hair that was dyed blond. I wore very colorful clothes and minimal make up.

Once I, at the age of 18, discovered MCR, my life had changed. At first, I was hesitent to listen to alternative music like that. But I found myself natually drawn to it and I could not explain why. Its like it was calling me. The first song I heard was Helena. After that, the black parade. I was hooked to their music. My fashion and art style changed. My grandmother thought I was going through depression, and my aunt thought this was the worst phase that ever happened. But I was happier this way. I studied the music and watched countless interviews. I found their music to be a work of art in dark fantasy,fictional characters, comic book stories, and creativity. I loved how my new life was going. I started to explore my creativity with music. I took up piano and started singing more. I focused more on black and white renders. I started making more friends.

I had always dreamed of one day meeting the band and seeing them live. They trully were an inspiration to me. I thought what are the chances I would ever see or meet my heros? I struggled with money and life always had its ups and downs. Eventually, everyone around me was already growing out of My Chemical Romance, It made  me pretty sad that they were no more than a trend for most people. But I can never pretend like they never happened. It ws very embarressing for people to admit they were fans, but I never had any shame. I knew my place. I never followed the trends. I knew I was going to love MCR for the rest of my life. You never see Iron Maiden fans ever forget them. MCR is my generation.

In the year of 2010,after Danger Days came out, so many new fans came up and all they can talk about is MCR. I always thought these people were posers cause they never knew of the old songs. But it was whatever for me. I knew since they became so big, they would have sold out shows,so what are the chances I can ever afford the money to see them? ust then, in early spring, walking from Burger King in Eagle Rock, to the bus stop, we cross the Shell gas station for a short cut, there Gerard Way walked right in front of us to get to his car. We were all so star struck we could not move. I could not beleive this was happing. The person who inspired me was right in front of us. My sister said hi to him and he said hi back. His wife Lyn Z was in the car talking to him and kept looking back at us. I was so amazed and happy I got to see him in real life.

That same year I got an email from Hot Topic,letting its members know MCR was going to play at Jimmy Kimmel Live. The deal was to buy an MCR tee shirt and get a wrist band. For just $21 we were in. After seeing them perform we got to meet them after the show. That year was trully a blessing for me. I had finally met them. The band who inspired and changed my life.

The year was 2013 when My Chemical Romance announced they would no longer be a band. At first I was sad to hear the news, but later I didnt mind at all. I got to see them finally. What more could I ask for? They have families now. I'm sure they were tired. MCR is my generation and I will never forget how much they changed and inspired me. I appritiate all they have done for their fans. I will always love them no matter what. Thank you Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, and Bob. Thank you guys so much for letting us all be a part of you.

My life continues in college and my art. I am my own character thanks to the help of My Chemical Romance, and many other musicians and artists. 
  • Mood: Thanks
  • Listening to: Helena
  • Drinking: coffee

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